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What a fantastic time to be in the uranium industry! Demand for carbon free energy, from a reliable base load power source, continues to grow. Carbon free nuclear energy is powered by uranium and Elevate owns significant uranium resources in Namibia and Australia and has active exploration activities in both countries.

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Elevate has large strategic uranium holdings and a uranium project with 61 Mlbs of uranium resources.

Key Features

  • Koppies Uranium Project – 20 Mlb uranium resource with significant potential to expand.
  • Hirabeb – Uranium mineralisation identified in a palaeochannel system over 30km long.
  • Namib IV – Expansive palaeochannel system identified, ready for drilling.
  • Marenica Uranium Project - 61 Mlb uranium resource, which U-pgrade™ can increase the grade to ~5,000 ppm.
Namibia Projects


Four 100% owned projects and joint venture interests containing 48 Mlbs of high-grade U3O8 resources.

Key Features

  • Angela - Large resource of 31 Mlb at 1,310 U3O8 resources.
  • Thatcher Soak – Calcrete hosted deposit with an 11 Mlb U3O8.
  • Oobagooma – 26 to 52 Mlb U3O8 exploration target.
  • Minerva – Historical high-grade uranium and gold drill intervals.
Australian Projects


Elevate’s wholly owned uranium beneficiation process, which produces a high-grade concentrate, prior to leaching.

This means:
  • Reduced physical size of plant.
  • Dramatic reduction in capital costs.
  • Dramatic reduction in ongoing operational costs.

Elevate’s U-pgrade™ process provides optionality due to a lower cost base, providing the opportunity to develop uranium mines at lower uranium prices.

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The Endangered Lappet Vulture Conservation Project

Supporting the ongoing efforts to understand and protect these endangered African wildlife icons.

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Vulture Conservation